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Sliding Leafboy Sliding Leafboy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

HAHA! I beat you!

Despite the simplicity of the game's gameplay and presentation, it wasn't repetitive. Expertly done level design made each level unique, despite the fact that only a few tiles were used to create the simple graphical style.

The controls and hit-detection were spot-on, something mandatory for a game like this. Everytime I died, I didn't hate the game for being unfair. I merely laughed at the challenge...

"You jumped 320 times ...only to die miserably 31 times ...and fell of the cliff 49"
It sure was a challenge, but your game didn't beat me. I beat the game. HA! :)

One thing I didn't like was how you had to jump to the top of the screen in some parts. That was something a little unfair, because there wasn't even an arrow at the top to show where my character was.

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momento responds:

Thanks!! Man, you made me blush :3

I didn't think of that moving arrow on the top pointing to leafboy's position, as obvious as such idea may sound, damn! and many people complained about that issue.

And I'm glad I achieved my goal of making feel the player that everytime leafboy dies, it was his/her fault and not mine (or lag's fault, but I cannot help that!). In other words, what you need to finish this game is not good luck.

Again, thanks for this review! but I think 9 is way too much for such a 6 levels game made in... 5 days? yet more to come from leafboy, soon... :)

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I dunno about this.

It seems like it lacks a crucial feature: Most of the time playing this game is spent unchecking the squares around the 8-diamonds, only to uncover more 8-diamonds. The game even states that you can safely uncheck all squares around the 8's without a fear of losing a life.

If I uncover the 8-diamonds all the time, why couldn't the game check the squares around it for me? Checking those damn squares becomes nothing but a chore, and the game loses its appeal.

But it was a fun game for a while. Make a new version with prettier diamonds, some nice backgrounds while you play, a more comprehensive interactive tutorial and the feature I mentioned added in.

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Heir Heir

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lacks imagination.

Man, I haven't written a Newgrounds review in a long time, but this is something I feel like I have to comment on. A tribute game to Shadow of the Colossus is possibly the best concept for a flash game imaginable. The theme suits a sidescrolling platformer perfectly.

The story was presented well, first putting you play through a level to get the player's interest, and then showing the player the first cinematic. The way the sense of scale was portrayed was very impressive. First showing your character in detail, jumping on large platforms, unable to decipher what the creature really is. Then zooming out, showing the entirety of the massive monster and understanding that the platforms make the monster's bodyparts.

But seriously? Couldn't you really have used more imagination on the levels? I was expecting the monsters to move around, causing parts of the level to turn upside down, for example. I was expecting the monsters to try to squash the player with their huge limbs, rather than just making him walk past spike traps.

We are flash developers, individual people with limited time and effort to make interesting game experiences. Since we don't have big teams of experts to polish every area of a game, the level of imagination is what makes us stand out from major game releases out there.

Use that imagination for good. For making gaming just a little better.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I hate this game.

This game is horrible! It's got bad character art, god-awful voice acting, freaking bad story, illogical puzzles and bad level design.

"Armor gamsees" -gang led by Dan Mcneely, who in real life is the "leader" of Armor Games... What were you thinking!? Do you think that's funny? Do you think that's cool? It's damn retarded.

"Duhh! Im gonna take a teddybear, banana, gun, pocket knife and a light bulb with me before I go out with my boyfriend. I dunno why but... Uhh... This is a game dood!"

No, no, no! That is NOT how you design an adventure game. Almost all gameplay in this game is a proof that the creator couldn't design games. Fish don't live in tiny pools in sewers, eating banana dammit! I had to watch the walkthrough for that part because I couldn't figure it out. Every damn thing is so convieniently placed, to indicate that you have to use it to get through the game. Adventure games like this should be designed realistically and practically. Not like this!
"Super glue! How convienient!" Indeed.

And dear god... When that main character's boyfriend dies... No combination of awful-cheesy art, awful-cheesy voice acting and awful-cheesy music has made me cringe in terror worse than that. I just couldn't watch the screen and I had to turn the volume down. That part almost made me see nightmares.

Pros: Pretty good graphics...

Cons: ... minus the character art; Awful voice acting; Bad, ridiculously convienient design; Illogical puzzles; "Armor gamsees"; Bad so-called drama; etc, etc...

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Krazy Kar Krazy Kar

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Reminds me of sonic advance: 90% of the time you can get forward by pressing right and going left is actually quite rare. Except in this game you go right 100% of the time and the abitity to go left is there just in case you might need it, but you don't need to go left at all. The control, music, sound and especially gameplay is so, very boring and unintresting.
Pros: Random level generation.
Cons: Not fun at all; Not a single new or cool idea.

Turbo Spirit XT Turbo Spirit XT

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sense o' speed

This goes to my favorites. The reason to that is the best sense of speed in any flashgame combined with a awesome music. The mouse steering is so fun and smooth way of controlling the bike. The problem is that this is a demo version, and the full version costs money. I wouldn't bother 5 minutes bying the full version even if it costed 0.50$.
Pros: Sense of speed; Great music; Smooth, working controls.
Cons: Costs money, and its not worth it.

Make a Fighting Machine Make a Fighting Machine

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pointless and cruel

I really really, REALLY REALLY wish that there is no one watching this who takes it seriously. It was pretty funny, pointless and very very cruel.

Variables Tutorial Variables Tutorial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its nice to learn new stuff without reason.

The fact that I had no idea how to do the stuff this thing taught and it had some good humor in it, you'll get an 8. I don't think there are ANY interactive flash tutorials from variable game stuff. Althought I never make games so complex that this would be useful.

neobyte1 responds:

Yeah. thanks for the review Larty. I just made this in four hours and I have a very good tip:
In there are a beginner tutes and I checked em out. But a big big wonder was that there was a new stuff and things I didn´t knew. So I thought I´m a pro but there is still some beginner tips/tricks I dunno and you shoulda learn em out too. So go there and read some basics. It will help you really!

So I have improved my work and I think you have noticed it too. It will help to do flash without reason and write tutes withot reason ´cose everything is gonna anyway help me and keep my potential up. So you said:

"Althought I never make games so complex that this would be useful."

If you make a game, you have to use variables whatever is it complex or not. You´r making a game and you noticed you need the variables so you can go check my tute out again if you want. Altought these things are beginner stuff and you still didn´t knew em so I recommend you to learn some variables before you do anything based in game stuff.

That´s all and keep up an awesome work with the game stuff you´r making and drawing!

RaidenX RaidenX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


YEAH! Hands down all flash game makers! You'll never do better! (Well actually that was a joke. Every game is better than others in SOME way.) The other Raidens were really cool, but I don't have superhuman reflexes so i didn't find them enjoyable. BUT THIS has everything. It has every single thing you could ask for in a flash game. Perfectly working save system, awesome graphics and smooth framerate (wich is extremely rare nowadays), cool weapons, great music and everything else I missed.

Guitar 101 Guitar 101

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yet another of those rare teaching movies.

Go post this somewhere else! Its no use here on Newgrounds like all the teaching flash movies. There must be plenty of guitar teaching sites out there. Find a popular one and put this there!